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                   Project Sunflower House and Longreach are delighted to announce that they have received £600,000 in funding from the Big Lottery Fund. The three year grant will fund an innovative and exciting new venture called Project Sunflower.


Project Sunflower will add value to the work already being carried out at Trevi House (a mother and child drug and alcohol rehab) and Longreach (a woman only drug and alcohol rehab) as well as funding some vitally needed additional support for women as they leave rehab and begin their life in the community.


The Project Sunflower team will be based in Plymouth across the two services and will provide a wide range of interventions, such as outreach, aftercare support, and much needed help with childcare. Project Sunflower will also assist to set up a craft based social enterprise. Hannah Shead, CEO of Trevi House explains “We have been running a therapeutic craft group for two years, and the women have made some amazing things. We now want to move it to the next stage and take some of our products to market. With the money that we make, we can go on to help women as they leave treatment and are setting up home for themselves. There will also be the skills that women learn from being part of this venture that will help them when they return to or enter the workplace”.


One of the exciting things about Project Sunflower is that is has been designed in collaboration with service users from Trevi House and Longreach. The women who will benefit from the service have helped to shape it, and will continue to do so. Julie Howes, Longreach Manager says “women who have been through treatment understand what other women in treatment need. We wanted to use that knowledge and experience. It’s been great to see how motivated our residents have been to make this project happen. We have ex service users desperate to help other women and to share their story. We know how inspiring that can be and we are so pleased to have the opportunity to support women to support women”.


Hannah explains “I’m very proud of all that we achieve here at Trevi House but the reality is, life is extremely tough for women and their children when they complete their residential rehab and return to the community. Project Sunflower will really make a difference. It will give us the ability to train peer mentors, to access work placements, to really provide women with a sense of aspiration and hope. It will enable us to provide an enhanced level of support to women when they leave treatment, a time when they are at their most vulnerable but when services are less accessible to them”. the other projects funded via the Women and Girls initiative, part of the remit of Project Sunflower is to use learning and evaluation to help inform the women and girls sector. “Which feels such a privilege” says Hannah. “We have two major assumptions that we are looking to test. We believe that women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction will achieve better outcomes if they are in women only services. Women only services allow women to feel both physically and emotionally safe. As a result, women can be supported to develop confidence, greater independence and higher self-esteem. The evidence suggests that in a women-only environment, women feel less marginalised and isolated and are more able to express themselves. This in turn has far reaching benefits for society as women are more likely to go on to work or volunteer and health problems are prevented, saving the state millions of pounds per year.


We also believe that women want to support and be supported by other women with shared experiences. Women tell us about the power of hearing other women’s stories of survival and recovery. 

We plan to collect feedback from women to find out whether this is the case, and if so, how can we ensure that the resources are there for women.”


In Plymouth, the women only service provision is somewhat patchy. Women that have left Trevi House and Longreach and relocated or returned to Plymouth have voiced how hard it is to get their needs met. As one of our ex residents shares, “It’s hard to build connections when you leave, you’re back out on your own trying to live a completely different way of life. It’s important to be around positive people. That’s why I keep coming back to Trevi”.  

Through building partnerships and by training peer mentors Project Sunflower aims to support the good work that is currently taking place and help take women only services to the next level.


Project Sunflower thus marks a new era for the women of Plymouth.

So after a year in the planning, Project Sunflower is now soon to become a reality. The first group of peer mentors are already trained and ready to get started. The adverts for the Project Sunflower team will be going out at the end of May and Hannah hopes the team will be up and delivering by September. “For me, this funding represents a real opportunity to change the lives of women. I am frequently humbled by the tenacity, courage and warmth of the women who come though treatment here in Plymouth. It’s wonderful to know that as well as offering a life free from addiction, we can begin to offer something else…aspiration to achieve and the skills and opportunities to make it happen.”


Project Sunflower is a partnership bid between Trevi House and Longreach, two women only residential treatment and rehabilitation provisions with over 60 years of combined experience of providing services to vulnerable women. Project Sunflower is the response to the gaps identified by women accessing the service.


Why not support our amazing work, by sponsoring our Chief Executive, Hannah Shead, as she runs the London Marathon on 24th April 2016

You can donate any of the following ways:


By Text TREV11£10 to 70070



Its that time of year again where some of our dedicated team will run Plymouth’s half marathon on the 17th April to raise money for Trevi House.

Their dedication is shining through and training is well underway, The dark cold evenings have not yet put them off.

If you are looking for a charity to raise money for then please why not make Trevi your reason to run!




This year’s 3-day conference, involving national & international addiction services is taking place on the 4th, 5th & 6th of May in London’s Grosvenor Square.  Trevi House are pleased to announce that we will be attending to represent the service we provide to mothers & their children.  Registered Manager & CEO Hannah Shead, will be presenting a workshop discussing residential rehabilitation with other members of CHOICES - a consortium we are proud to be a part of.  For further information, please follow the links below.



Trevi House Fun Run 2015 

It’s that time of year again!  Plymouth University students Charlotte, Matt & Melissa have organised a 5km Fun Run in aid of Trevi House.  The run will again take part in the beautiful grounds of Saltram House where runners can complete the course competitively or leisurely walk at their own pace.

Registration opens at 10am, with the run scheduled to start at 10.30am.  All proceeds are kindly being donated to our wonderful service to help support mothers & their children during treatment.

If you would like to enter, please follow the link below which has further information.




Runners have just days to enter 5km run being organised by Plymouth students in support of drug and alcohol unit

The clock is ticking for competitors planning to enter a 5km run being organised by Plymouth students in support of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation unit.

Places are still available for this Saturday’s event at Saltram, (May 10 2014) which is open to runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.

It has been organised by events management students at the University of St Mark & St John in aid of Plymouth’s Trevi House, a residential rehabilitation unit for women with alcohol and/or drug related problems. Unlike other units, women are able to live at Trevi with their children.

Hannah Shead, manager at Trevi House, said: “This is a chance to enjoy the wonderful setting of Saltram’s grounds while raising money for a worthy cause. It is also a great opportunity for serious runners to race or simply get in some practise while raising money for charity.”

The run starts at 9.30am, with registration at 9am. It costs £5 to enter or £1 for 11 to 15-year-olds, while children under 10 are free. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Anyone interested in taking part should email You can also donate by texting TREV11 £3 to 70070 to donate £3.

The Easter Bunny visits Trevi House!

A huge thank you to all those who recently donated Easter Eggs of all shapes and sizes to Plymouth Pertemps! It was very kind of Pertemps to organise this charitable event and the families at Trevi enjoyed the chocolate very much thank you!

Non-Violent Communication Training! Mediation Skills and Theory Training

Trevi House staff recently undertook Non-Violent Communication training with Maria Arpa, founder of The Centre for Peaceful Solutions. As a team we found the whole process rewarding and essential in enabling us to carry on the great work that we do with families. Maria is back in Devon during June/July delivering Mediation Skills and Theory training- download the PDF poster above to find out more! 

Celebrating TAVY 13!

A huge thank you to all those who helped raise money for Trevi House- we are all very proud of your achievements.

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Join us for a 5k fun run/walk! 5k Fun Run Information Pack

We are putting on a 5k fun run/walk to raise money for Trevi house, any ages are welcome children under the age 15 have to be accompanied by an adult. Trevi house is rehabilitation unit in Plymouth, this unique rehabilitation unit gives the opportunity help and support that young mothers need during their individual and unique programme, what makes Trevi house unique is that it allows these young mothers to reside there during these schemes and also allow them to have their children with them during their stay.

The event will be held on Saturday 10th May 2014 at Saltram House, Plympton, Plymouth Devon PL7 1UH with a meet at 9:00 for the event to start at 9:30, the entry fee for this event is £ 5.00 plus Sponsorship. There could be a car park charge of £1 on arrival.

If you wish to participate or for more information about for the event please contact entry for this event will close on Saturday 26th of April 2014.

Runners prepare for Mother’s Day TAVY 13!

Two runners are taking part in the Mother’s Day half-marathon to raise money for a charity that keeps women and their children together.

Runners, Major at Royal Marines, Chris Hall and Johnny Mercer will be running on Sunday in the Tavy 13 to raise money for Trevi House, who are a residential rehabilitation unit that offer treatment to women with alcohol and/or drug related problems.

Johnny Mercer, who is also a prospective parliamentary candidate for Plymouth Moorview and Afghan veteran, said: “Trevi is a wonderful charity that is unique to Plymouth and many other ways. I wanted to use my contacts across the city and the military to raise some money for them. I think the race will be tougher than I thought since being given a 3ft Peppa Pig mascot to take around with me.”

He added: “I’m confident I’ll finish and won’t pass out, but I fear that it will be just another step on the road to becoming an old and lazy politician.”

The rehabilitation charity is unique in the way that it allows the women to live at Trevi with their children. 2014 marks 21 years of keeping women and their children together and Manager, Hannah Shead said: “We felt that a fantastic way to mark this milestone would be to improve our outside space. Whilst not everyone is actually running, this is a whole project effort, with residents and staff all coming together to help design the garden and think of ideas for fundraising.”

Johnny and Chris, along with 10 other competitors are hoping to raise around £5,000 for the outside space in order to buy play equipment for the children and a relaxing green space for the women.

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TAVY 13!

Herald Publication: Tavy 13

“Staff and supporters of Trevi are going to be taking part in the Tavy13 (marathon), which appropriately enough is run this year on Mothering Sunday”. Anyone looking to run the half marathon can contact Trevi. Donations can be made by text: Text TREV11 £2 (etc) to 70070.

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“Rehab Centre helps residents through a ‘difficult’ Christmas and New Year.”

Christmas and new year are renowned for overindulgence, and, for those dealing with substance abuse problems, it can be a dreaded time.

Staff and residents at Plymouth’s Trevi House, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for women with young children, have been working to ensure it will be “a time of joy” despite previous substance abuse problems, manager Hannah Shead said.

Residents, who can live with children aged up to eight, undergo a 26-week programme. The centre also offers support to mothers who want to live independently in the community, free from drugs or alcohol while meeting the needs of their children.

The centre provides accommodation for women with substance abuse problems and their young children

And keeping with a positive atmosphere, many of its walls feature pieces of art by the children, with hand and footprints in paint appearing to be a particularly colourful favourite.

Usually it is home to about 10 residents and their children. Over Christmas and new year it will house six residents and 10 children, Ms Shead said.

However, while some residents will have their children with them, others will not.

This is either because their children are older than the maximum age the centre is licensed to house, or they are being looked after elsewhere.

Ms Shead said: “We take in pregnant women, and children aged between nought and three is what we see most of. Those are important years from an attachment perspective.

“For those with older children, it’s always hard.

“We take women from across the UK. Once they’re on the programme they’re ‘grounded’ [from leaving the programme to visit home and to return at the same stage].

“While it might be hard at Christmas, it’s one Christmas in a lifetime. This one missed Christmas could be the one to ensure they become the mother they need to be.”

This was something some of those older children also realised, residents added.

Clare, who has children aged 14 and 18 years old in Scotland, said: “I’m comfortable with the idea of being here and my two are happy I’m here.

“It would be dangerous for me to be outside of here at this time of year.”

Fellow resident Sasha said: “I’m a bit sad for my children.

“I appreciate how it will be for the kids, but even my eight-year-old said ‘I’m happy you’re there’.

“And I’ve been looking forward to this Christmas and new year to see the nice side of it because all my previous ones have had drink or drugs.”

While its work goes on year-round, the festive season is always a special time, Ms Shead said.

“For some, it will be the first time in many years that they will have had a drug-free Christmas and be able to really enjoy it without that chaos,” she said.

“New year is so associated with alcohol, so, for people in recovery they may think of it as a difficult, challenging and unhappy time of the year for them.

Trevi House manager Hannah Shead said she hoped Christmas and new year would be “a time of joy”

“Working in this industry, you become sensitive to it and realise how awash with alcohol it is.”

Although many residents have undergone detox before entering the centre, some will still be on withdrawal medication during the festive season.

Carly, who is nearing the end of her detox regime, said she appreciated the support of people at a difficult time of the year.

“Trevi has worked it out so I’ll be stable over Christmas. I don’t think I would have been able to detox on the outside,” she said.

And those who complete the programme and return to their families know their next Christmas will be even more special.

Reported by Andrew Segal; BBC News, Devon and Cornwall

“Thanks for a amazing week!”

Last week, Trevi House played host to a pair of University Staff members from Sweden- we recently received an email expressing their appreciation and enjoyment for the whole trip.

Plymouth Groups Rake in Cash Boost!

Trevi House has recently been awarded a Community Development Grant “after a rigorous selection process”. To read more, please view the above link.

5K Fun Run!  5K Fun Run Poster

Students from the University of St Mark & St John ( have teamed up with Trevi House to raise funds for our project. Please view the poster via the above link to find out more information and details on how you can join in with the fun. We hope to see many there!

Drug rehab centre shows it values volunteers The Herald: Volunteer Publication

Trevi recently featured in our local Plymouth newspaper, The Herald. To view the article, please click on the link above.

Mothers’ Milk Mothers’ Milk Publication

Hannah Shead, Registered Manager, recently featured in the publication Druglink. To view the article, please click on the link above.


Freemasons- Donation Freemasons-Donation

We were recently fortunate enough to receive a kind donation from the Freemasons. The money has already been put to good use in helping to repair our minibus enabling us to start taking the mums and their children out at the weekends- recently Jenny-cliff beach. The chance for our residents to enjoy good quality time with their children at the weekend is invaluable in keeping them motivated and positive for the future. We are so very grateful to the Freemasons for enabling us to carry on offering our families this experience.

Children in Need Grant

Some good news! Trevi has been awarded a grant over 3 years to support the work we do around enhancing the mother/infant relationship. The grant covers two key areas; Bonding & Attachment and Child Directed Play. It will enable us to expand the range of interventions that we offer to our mums/children to build and develop their relationship. We will be evaluating with our service users the changes that they observe in their children and the relationship they have with their children. We are really excited about this opportunity and look forward to sharing our findings. On behalf of all staff and residents at Trevi House, I’d like to say a big thank you to all those who thought that our project was a worthy cause.

Rehab centre to host Open Day for Addiction Workers 

A DRUG and alcohol rehabilitation centre aimed at families is holding an open day for those working with people affected by addiction issues.

Trevi House are holding an Open Event on Tuesday, October 23. Beginning at 1.30pm, it is aimed at offering the chance to find out more about Tier 4 Residential Treatment for mothers and their children. The event is open to all professionals working in a related field, with light refreshments and a chance to share information and knowledge.

“It’s a chance for us as a team to share the unique and rewarding work being completed by both staff and residents. We would love for people to come and celebrate the achievements of the whole house with us.” said Trevi House’s Elle.

Book your place now by calling 01752 255758 or

Bristol Standard 

We found out on 28th September 2012 that the Nursery have been successful in passing the Bristol Standard. What is that you may well ask?  The Bristol Standard is a self-evaluation framework that helps Early Years settings ensure ongoing quality. Our journey to becoming compliant involved compiling evidence as to how we achieve ‘best practice’ over 10 different areas (such diversity / play / parent partnership). As well as providing evidence, we also set our own targets for future developments. Over the next 12 months, the team will be busy working towards meeting these goals, thus the cycle of ongoing improvement continues. So, it’s a big well done to the Nursery team for achieving this!

Trevi Open Afternoon- May 

May 1st from 1:00pm - 3:30pm

Would you like to come and find out more about our work and have a tour of the project?

Please call on 01752 255758 to book your place.

Turning Point Award

Trevi have been asked to present an award for Plymouth Volunteers week. The ‘Turning Point’ award is in celebration of people who have had to overcome an obstacle to carry out their volunteering.

Donation from Counsellor Chaz Singh

In February, local counsellor Chaz Singh donated some money to Trevi.


Parenting Assessments

Trevi House have now set up a comprehensive parenting assessment. The parenting assessment now has workbooks to run alongside the new parenting programme. The new parenting programme has been based upon the Assessment Framework, the aim of which is building parenting capacity to help Mum’s consistently meet the developmental needs of their children. It is an educational programme incorporating Incredible Years trained facilitators delivering workshops. The parenting programme will run throughout the Mum’s time at Trevi House. They will document their parenting journey in their workbooks enabling them to develop knowledge and confidence in their own parenting ability. The workbook can then be utilised as a resource post Trevi.


On the 19th January we launched our new Twitter site to keep everyone informed with an up to date account of all the news and developments here at Trevi House. Click on the link above to follow us now.


Children in Need

In November we were awarded £10,000 from Children in Need and featured on the BBC. The money donated was to create a sensory room in our nursery. The baby room will be fitted out with sensory equipment including touch-sensitive light pads, vibrating cushions and bubble tubes. Putting in place a sensory stimulation suite is one more way for us to give the children that are here the best experience we can and this suite will help promote the development and bonding between mother and child.

CQC Inspection  REPORT

Everyone at Trevi was delighted with the result of the unannounced inspection by the Care Quality Commission in December 2009.

“Trevi House is an open, inclusive place that supports and enables women and their children as individuals to work towards a substance free future.”

 The staff work together as a dedicated team. They are confident that Trevi House offers individualised support and openness that can help women to change their lives.”

 “Trevi House is homely, comfortable and safe.”

 Clive Edmunds, General Manager, thanked all who have contributed to Trevi’s success.

“All staff, trustees, residents and our good friends in the wider community have contributed to the Trevi success story. We are thrilled with the findings of the CQC, but do not plan to rest on our laurels. We aim to keep progressing, adapting our programme to ensure we adequately meet the complex needs of all our residents. I’m very proud of what we have achieved, but it really is only the beginning.”

Ofsted Inspection

In August 2009, “Trevi Nursery” was inspected by Ofsted.

 “A great strength of this setting is its very effective partnerships with parents.” 

“Daily routines are well organised and sensitive to the needs of parents using the service. This means routines are familiar and children are relaxed and happy, resulting in smoothly run sessions.” 

“Parents are extremely happy with the care provided and value the positive changes that are made within the group”.  

A copy of the report can be viewed on the Ofsted website  

Congratulations to Joanne Saint, Nursery Manager, and her great team. Clive Edmunds highlighted the value of the nursery’s contribution to the Trevi success story: 

“Our nursery defines us as a unit. Trevi exists primarily to promote and enhance the welfare of children. Those who work at Trevi or spend any time here, know how good our nursery is and how dedicated and professional the staff are. It’s still immensely gratifying to have this recognised more formally via this latest report and inspection.”