Our Nursery

In order for our residents to have the time to focus on their own issues Trevi operates an on site Nursery and baby room. Our baby room has a sensory area with a bubble tube, fiber optic strands and mirror cube and a projector.

This ensures that mum can have peace of mind knowing that her child is being looked after nearby.

The Trevi Nursery is an OFSTED registered creche which provides a range of support and care for children from birth up to the age of 8.

A copy of the report can be viewed on the Ofsted website

It is well equipped, providing a wide range of, learning resources, toys, a computer and an outside play/learning area.

The nursery staff have specialist training up to NVQ level 3 and extensive experience in facilitating the Early Years Education Programme and are committed to providing an environment in which the whole of the child (physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially) is supported.

For children of school age we go to great lengths to identify a suitable local school placement for the duration of the child’s stay.

The mother and child rehabilitation process focuses on positive parenting.

Mothers are offered 1:1 sessions with the child’s nominated keyworker to discuss any issues and concerns and agree Care and Action Plans. Support and assistance is offered with implementing routine, positive play and behaviours. We aim to empower the mother to use coping mechanisms and strategies effectively.

We understand how important it is that the mother and the child(ren) have the opportunity to grow together.