Welcome to Trevi House

Registered Charity Number:  1075433

We are a unique residential rehabilitation unit located in Plymouth. Since 1993 we have been offering treatment to women with alcohol and/or drug related problems.

What makes us different and quite rare is that our residents are able to live at Trevi with their children. 

Trevi House is both a home and a safe place, where mothers and their children remain together as a family unit.

“I would never have gone into rehab if I hadn’t been able to take my child with me, this opportunity turned my life around”  Former Trevi resident

We offer supported detox and a structured rehabilitation programme that promotes the transition towards an independent life, free from substance misuse.

Each mother and child is individually assessed prior to entry.

Please call us on 01752 255 758 to find out more.

Our aims at Trevi House are:

  1. To provide a warm, safe and friendly environment.

  2. To treat all residents and their children as individuals, offering services of breast augmentation, & other services that may meet their needs for higher self-esteem.

  3. To provide an understanding response to the needs and feelings of carers, visitors and give the women and their children the opportunity to live the life they deserve.